Director, Cinematographer, Editor, and Writer
Kyle Farscht has a passion for film and everything that comes with it. Kyle has directed, edited, and written dozens of his own short films, music videos, and documentaries. He currently attends college at NYU Tisch School of the Arts as a film and television production major. To view his portfolio, see the films below or visit

"Cumming Out" (2021)

Short Film
When Chris tries to have his first gay experience without the rest of his school finding out, Annie, a girl who’s been crushing on him, gets in the way and leaves him with more than a broken heart to clean up. Click here for behind the scenes and more info.

"The Feminine Grotesque" (2020)

Short Film
This experimental horror film follows a seemingly innocent baseball player as a demonic feminine latex creature haunts him. The film was created for the NYU Sight and Sound Filmmaking final project. Click here for behind the scenes and more info.

"Cycle" (2020)

Short Film
This experimental short film explores themes of development and aging through sound and movement. The film was created for NYU Sight and Sound Filmmaking.

"Noise" (2020)

Short Film
This experimental short film visualizes the feeling of hyper-fixation. The film was created for the Frame and Sequence class at NYU Tisch.

"Demons of Love" (2019)

Short Film
This experimental piece showcases the torture that comes with loving someone who doesn’t love you back.

"After the Beep" (2019)

Short Film
Isaac listens to his past voicemails that he had sent to his girlfriend, Sophia, as he replays their memories in his head.​

"Scales" (2018)

Short Film
A girl feels isolated from those around her and longs for connection. To cope with her sadness, she turns to her obsession with mermaids.

"Her Faith" (2018)

Short Film
A teenage girl feels pulled between two important parts of her identity, religion and love.

"A Sensation" (2018)

Short Film
A young man reflects on his first love through the lens of each of the five senses.
"A Sensation" was created at the NYU Summer Filmmakers Workshop in July of 2018.​

"Drive" (2018)

Music video
Powdered Elephants shows the fun spirit of summer and adolescence through their song "Drive" - available on their album "POV".

"Coffee" (2018)

Short Film
A couple discusses the flaws within their relationship, only to realize that all of their actions have consequences.

"Sweet Dreams" - Cover (2017)

Music Video
Powdered Elephants cover "Sweet Dreams" originally by the Eurythmics and bring a new dark element to the song and video. 

"Soulfege - The A Cappella Experience" (2017)

Soulfege - a student-run, high school a cappella music group - must overcome their struggles and prepare to compete in the International Championship of High School A Cappella.

"Entreé" (2017)

Short Film
As a housewife prepares dinner for her husband, she is bored with her mundane life and decides to make a change.

"Slash" (2016)

Short Film
While at a Halloween party, a group of high schoolers is visited by a terrorizing killer. They attempt to escape this horror and figure out the motive.

"Watercolors" (2016)

Music Video
Powdered Elephants share their colorful and bright feelings with their music video for their single "Watercolors".

"Flash" (2016)

Short Film
A photographer discovers that his camera has a special power, but he soon learns that they must be taken with precautions. 

"Up Right Now" (2016)

Music Video
"Up Right Now" is Powdered Elephants debut single and music video, that describes the struggle of wanting someone else's love.
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