Sound Production

Sound Designer, Sound Mixer, Musician

Kyle Farscht has experience working in the sound department as a live sound mixer as well as a post production sound designer and mixer. He has training in sound design and mixing including training on Pro Tools and Logic Pro X. Below is a reel featuring his current sound work.


He recently released his solo debut EP "Dreamland". This release marks his first solo venture in music since being a member of the music group Powdered Elephants. "Dreamland" is an electro-pop album with some acoustic and stripped styles featured as well. It can be found on all major music streaming and purchasing platforms. To see all links and info on "Dreamland", click here.

dreamland album cover-final.jpg

KF Media Productions has a music branch, KF Media Studios. Kyle Farscht writes and produces music for his group Powdered Elephants with members Dani Benna and Jessica Yeager. Currently, they have released 2 singles, 2 EPs and a full album. Powdered Elephants is a pop, alternative, and electronic music group. To see more info about Powdered Elephants visit their website at